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As the game is run on the EOS Smart Contract, it is proved to be fair and cannot be cheated. By our unique Encyption technology, the result of rolling will not be changed by any means. Choose your betting currency, you can bet with EOS or DICE token.  If the dice number rolled is lower than dice number you guess, you win and get the payout



EOSJACKS is an innovative decentralized gaming platform, but also an autonomous ecosystem and community. Players can roll the simple dice game to mine JKR, the circulating token of the EOSJacks community. With JKR, you can do a lot of things to make money. Either to bid in the auction for a percentage of the house edge, or to join the jackpot to share the profit as well as claiming the final prize, you will certainly have fun … and profits together!


The first global multiplayer online red envelope game based on EOS blockchain


EOSFUN is the world’s first EOS Crash game, based on block chain development, data is completely open and transparent.


The first of its kind, EOS Planet, is a virtual, persistent on the blockchain, planet. Powered by EOSIO

EOS Planet is a project aiming to test the boundaries of new generation blockchains. The first of its kind, EOS Planet, is a virtual, persistent on the blockchain, planet. Anyone can mold and shape what it will be in a worldwide collaborative mining and crafting effort.



Infiniverse is an augmented reality platform and virtual world on top of the real world. It enables users to bring virtual content into the real world, allowing it to be seen and interacted with by any other nearby users. Users can also buy land–the digital space of a geographic location–and place persistent content there. Infiniverse facilitates land registry, content distribution and a digital asset marketplace.

CryptoPIX is a game focussing on creating pixel art together. Every day new creations can be made to win a decentralized voting round!

Collaborate to create art or make a statement. All contributors of winning submissions receive a pro rata share of the won tokens, which can be sold for real money or used to paint faster in the game.


EOS Poker is the first-ever provably fair decentralized poker game on EOS. The fairness is guaranteed by cryptography and smart contracts. But you don’t need to be an expert of these disciplines to find out, as a handy verification tool is provided at the conclusion of every game to ensure you’re never cheated.


Play dice at Love Win operated on a fair and open poker game platform based on decentralized blockchain 


Token Planet is a technology-based EOS block chain of virtual game, it is a financial services and entertainment in one of the games ecosystem. Players can “mining” on the Tyken planet,

Buying or selling land, investing in deals, creating services to gain benefits, and even exploring the universe and conducting commercial colonization on more planets. 

The market is completely decentralized and the pricing power of all goods or services is fully paid to the player. Join this huge world together,

Build your own unique business empire, while also contributing to a win-win ecosystem!


EOS CUBE brings you a new dice game with an airdrop of 1000 cube tokens when you first sign in. Total supply: 2,000,000,000 Airdrop: 1% Mining release: 99% Token holders will get a dividend of 90% of the platform profit.


Brand new design dice challenges game! First gaming platform based on EOSIO that introduces combination of gaming and banker mechanism, allows players to be banker on platform!


36% of income of sales of key will be stored in the Keynes’ Reward. When the player sells the key, half of the player’s cost which was stored in the Keynes’ Reward will enter the bonus pool. It will be distributed to the players who is HODLING keys. The initial countdown of the game is 7 days. Each purchase of a Key extends the game time by 60 seconds, and the extension time is uppper bounded by 7 days.

Win the jackpot by transferring dusty coins: BTC, ETH, DOGE

You can mine these coins for FREE every 12 hours. Refer others to earn more, become Chief Miner to earn most! Chief miner makes 10% bonus of all mining, and 10% fees on all transfers. Referrers make 5% bonus of mining, and 2.5% fees on transfers. The last person to transfer a coin makes 2.5% fees on the subsequent transfer.

Cryptowizards are digital characters. Different and colorful they can be bought, collected, and auctioned. But ultimately they exist to compete in tournaments for real and virtual prizes.

Coming Soon


Collect 55 items of Nature, Iron, Bone, Skin and Mineral. Craft items using materials according to recipe. 24 kinds of adorable pets are waiting for you. Materials and items can be traded on the market with EOS.


Peace and prosperity prevailed on planet PumpDump. The Republic of Hamsters flourished. But not all their neighbors liked this state of affairs. The greedy Empire of Scammersons deceived Hamsters and started trimming them.y aim was to destroy everything in his way. Hard times came to PumpDump.


The largest casino and gaming platform on the powerful EOS blockchain. We offer fully feeless, trustless and provably fair games. 100% of EOS profit made by the casino is returned to holders of our BET token.

Why play anywhere else?


The total duration of the game is 24 hours. Each time you purchase Bullets, the game time will be increased. The upper limit does not exceed the starting time.

As the game progresses, the price of Bullets increases, and the game time added by each Bullets decreases.

The EOS accumulated by selling Bullets will be distributed to the holder of Bullets in proportion, and the last Bullets purchaser will win the ultimate prize.


  • The winning number consists of 5 numbers. Each number is generated from the last digit of a EOS TxHash. Beginning every minute, the system will keep record of the newly generated EOS TxHash, if the last digit is a number, it will be considered as a valid number, if not, the next TxHash will be considered, until all 5 numbers are generated.
  • EOS TxHash is 32-bit ID randomly generated by sophisiticated encryption algorithm, normally showin in Hex. Our drawing process takes advantage of this truly random computation process to ensure its fairness.


The world will be based on the actual the economic model of the second part of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Get as much gold as possible, which will require different game assets and workforces.

Everything in this world of alternative reality is situated on the map.

EOS Lottery is the first quiz game based on EOS. Players spend EOS to purchase Guess Numbers and obtain LUCKY tokens as a bonus. Players can trigger the Lucky Numbers, and they share in EOS dividends by holding LUCKY tokens.


The game allows you to earn EOS by getting dividends. Buying keys early will give you an advantage to obtaining dividends. Then you can win a large part of the final pot if at the end of the timer you are the last one to have bought the keys.

In a provably fair gambling system, a player places bets on games offered by the service operator. The service operator will publish a method for verifying each transaction in the game. This is usually by using open source algorithms for random seed generation, hashing, and for the random number generator. Once a game has been played, the player can use these algorithms to test the game’s response to his in-game decisions and evaluate the outcome by only using the published algorithms, the seeds, hashes, and the events which transpired during the game.


Show your love to Trump

Everytime you purchase one or more bond, you will have the chance to say something to Mr. Trump. Let’s show our love to the beloving President for bringing this extraordinary magnanimous bond. The latest comment will be shown on the front page of our website.


American Roulette


It’s Just a Tamagotchi Game to show off EOS blockchain potential! You as an early adopter, will have a chance to carry a very old Monster while the game is in progress, getting cool functionalities and public traction 😀 This project is a mini-game experiment for EOS Blockchain, still in progress. It’s open sourced and all of us can tweak the contract, architecture and design of tables to see what works the best in terms of performance and good practices for EOS.


Place bets using the DEOS or EOS tokens today!” Play Roll Over” or “Roll Under” and receive 1 DEOS each time you bet 1 EOS. Play with limits of min (0.2 EOS) and max (10 EOS) bet size during beta.